Elizabeth Chanter, Reiki Master in The Golden Reiki Way

Shelburne Road, Calne SN11 8ET

“A truly wonderful Reiki Master, teacher and human!” (Alex Chapman ~ Gloucester, Jan 2022)

Hello ~ my name is Elizabeth of Honour Being Reiki.

Would you like to align yourself with harmony, and to unfold your life ~ beautifully?

In these troubled times, it can be hard to find a way forward, especially if you are feeling lost, confused or in grief and pain. However, I offer a way to move through this, a path of self-discovery and self-development sometimes called The Golden Reiki Way.

This is a progressive way of healing, empowerment and transformation created to honour your entire being. Along this way we also celebrate who you are and all your gifts. We put the past to rest, bring you to live in the present with ease, and then create the future you wish for your highest good.

““Elizabeth is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. She is an amazing Reiki Master and everyone she works with personally and professionally remarks on her integrity, empathy and compassion.” (Suzannah Jenkins ~ Reiki Master of The Golden Reiki Way, Sussex, Jan 2022)

I am an experienced Reiki Master, Teacher and Healer, and I offer both Treatments and Attunement & Training. I am trained to advanced levels in Shamanic Reiki, Crystal Reiki Healing, Golden Energy Healing, Reflexology and Classical Homeopathy. I have been in practice since 2004. Golden Way Reiki is traditional Usui Reiki which has been restored to its roots. We sometimes call this going “beyond Reiki”.

The meaning of “to heal” means “to become whole”. The Golden Reiki Way offers profound rebalance and realignment spiritually, psychologically, energetically, emotionally and physically to all aspects of your being, in other words it assists you to become whole. Walking The Golden Reiki Way may sometimes feel challenging, but it is also an adventure of joyful self-discovery and spiritual growth.

My tranquil healing room is in Calne in Wiltshire. I begin by offering a reassuring and deeply respectful listening space before each Treatment. New clients begin with one of my Gentle New Beginnings Reiki Cycles, for example Release & Replenish which offers deeply nurturing emotional healing. This first Cycle consists of four Treatments, one to shine a light, two to gently remove blocks to healing, three to stabilise and integrate, four to review and decide the best way forward for your highest good. You may also choose to begin with a cycle of Elemental Shamanic Reiki Treatments to repair and rebalance.

“Sessions are well-paced, Elizabeth listens intently and genuinely cares… She has a deep understanding of the human condition and an intimate knowledge of Reiki as a means for completeness…” (Alex Chapman ~ Gloucester, Jan 2022)

I offer many different cycles of healing, each with their own specific purpose. You will find details of these on my website.

When you feel ready, you may be invited to Honour Foundation First Degree Attunement, a personal healing weekend which teaches you how to take the empowering step of giving Golden Way Reiki to yourself. The next Attunement & Training Course is on 19th/20th February 2022.

I also conduct Honour New Moon Healing & Meditation Ceremonies and New Moon Retreats.

On my website you will discover Tranquillity Healing Journey Meditations, and my Honour Mandala Gift Shop (all created by me).

If you would like me to help your become more grounded and stable, emotionally well balanced and to encourage your light to shine, please contact me to arrange for a free initial 20 minute chat to find out more about how I may help you.

My professional bodies are The Complementary Therapists Association and the Association of Reflexologists. I am fully insured through the CThA for everything I offer.





If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition, please consult your GP for advice before starting any new therapies.

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    Preferred contact method

    Elizabeth is an experienced Reiki Master, Healer and Teacher in The Golden Reiki Way, trained to Advanced Levels, and has been in practice in the complementary world since 2004. Contact elizabeth@honourbeingreiki.co.uk and website www.honourbeingreiki.co.uk

    Additional Information


    People come to me for many and varied reasons, however I have a special interest in working with families.

    I particularly love to offer my Honour New Life Reiki Treatments to support conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond ~ choose between Optimise, Nurture, Restore and Compassion.

    "Elizabeth provided me with a very spiritual, calming and caring experience. It enabled me to look inside myself rather than focusing on the clinical and physical and I did become pregnant! I can honestly say that the flow of positive energies around my body did unlock emotional blockages and I was able to deal with them, a healing process definitely making it a far more tranquil place to grow my baby." (KM - Oxfordshire)

    My Deep Nurture Crystal Reiki Treatments have a special appeal for those drawn to the Crystal Energies, or who need to become more earthed and embodied in this challenging world. These enable you to re-discover harmony and offer beautiful and safe, subtle healing. Crystal Reiki creates a powerful deepening of your whole energy field, and a positive restructuring of your Crystal Essence Being as we pay attention to your full set of 10 Human Energy Centres.

    This healing work is facilitated by the clear, pristine energy of specially selected Crystals, Stones and Gems, amplified and empowered by Golden Way Reiki.  Crystal Reiki encourages your full incarnation into this lifetime, thereby enabling you to make your journey of personal and spiritual evolution in a more embodied and mindful manner.  If you would like to begin your Golden Way Journey with Crystal Reiki Healing, then Crystal Re-Charge is for you.

    Education and Training

    I have a solid Foundation in traditional Japanese Reiki, being fully attuned and trained in the Usui Tradition of Natural Healing, which has been restored to its original Shamanic roots.  I achieved my Reiki Mastery in The Golden Reiki Way in 2013. I continue in ongoing, Advanced Training and Personal Development, guided by my personal Shamanic Beyond Reiki Paramount Grand Master. All of my Reiki training has been carried out at The Beyond School of Shamanic Reiki.

    I am also attuned to the Golden (Angelic) Energies and Crystal (Earth) Energies, including the Ruby and the Amethyst Rays, so I am able to tailor my Treatments to your individual needs. I am fully qualified to attune and train others, including Honour Reiki Second Degree Professional Practice, and I am in the process of creating my Honour Mastery Fourth Degree Attunement & Training Course. The training I have undergone ensures that the work I do is profoundly re-balancing, safe and restorative.


    • 2011 ~ Digital Foundation First Degree
    • 2011 ~ Digital Journey Second Degree
    • 2013 ~ Digital Mastery Fourth Degree


    • 2012 ~ Angel Fire One Advanced Degree
    • 2017 ~ Angel Fire Two Advanced Degree


    • 2012 ~ Golden Ray One Advanced Degree
    • 2018 ~ Golden Ray Two Advanced Degree


    • 2012 ~ Directions & Elements Third Degree (Pathfinder)
    • 2012 ~ Directions & Elements Third Degree (Pathshaper One)
    • 2015 ~ Directions & Elements Digital Degree (Pathshaper Two)


    • 2014 ~ Crystal Foundation Stone First Degree
    • 2015 ~ Crystal Journey Stone Second Degree
    • 2016 ~ Crystal Path Stone Third Degree
    • 2018 ~ Crystal Healer One Stone Fifth Degree


    • 2017 ~ Runic Ray One Advanced Degree
    • 2017 ~ Runic Ray Two Advanced Degree


    (Misha Norland School of Homeopathy)

    My homeopathic training is especially helpful in understanding how to listen when in consultation with you.

    REFLEXOLOGY (AoR, MAR ~ 2008)
    Oxford School of Reflexology
    (Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine & Meridian Training)

    Seren Fertility (Barbara Scott)

    Professional Body Memberships

    I am a member of The Complementary Therapists Association, and of the Association of Reflexologists.

    Insurance Coverage

    • Fully Insured

    Languages Spoken

    • English