Our Content Creation Process

The world of complementary health can be very difficult to navigate and understand. We believe it’s crucial for you to trust what you read before you can make important decisions. That’s why we share what we do.

In today’s world, online searches for something as simple as a stomach ache can alarm you and make you believe an urgent visit to accident and emergency is necessary.

Treatwiser believes you should have access to trustworthy information that is easy to understand and written by experts in their field who genuinely care about you. Our content creation process aims to achieve this.

We want to help answer the questions that are important to you when they matter to you most.

Our Content Creation Process

Editorial team

Our highly experienced editorial team manages all our content creation from planning to publishing. Each individual piece of content is the result of the hard work of a team of dedicated people.


Expert writers and reviewers

Our expert writers and reviewers are notable in their respective fields, from complementary therapists to medical journalists to patients themselves.

These people are selected for their subject matter knowledge and / or real world experience as well as their ability to communicate in a clear, concise and impartial way.

Our reviewers thoroughly review all our articles to ensure they are accurate, balanced, relevant and up to date. We prioritise using the most reputable sources such as   peer-reviewed medicinal journals, government organisations and professional associations.


Claims and references

All claims are checked against primary references. Sources to support claims are shared at the bottom of every article. 


Latest Information

We routinely review all our content to ensure it reflects the latest facts and opinions. If necessary, content is updated and re-reviewed.


Our voice

We appreciate that your wellness is very important to you and as such we make every conscious effort to communicate in a compassionate and empathetic way whilst also giving you the facts as they are.


Diversity promise

We our committed to providing everyone access to the content we produce regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, culture, geography, body type, or ability. We are invested in hiring a diverse team of writers and reviewers.


Have some feedback?

We always love to hear from our readers. Feel free to share any comments or suggestions with us. It is important for us to constantly improve the content we have for our community of readers. Also feel free to share what you like to do we can do more of it :). Reach us at hello@treatwiser.com