Are you looking for ways to live a healthier life? Treatwiser is on a mission to improve your access to complementary health and talking therapies to enhance your overall wellbeing.


How we started

We got started out of a personal experience. Our founder, William, struggled for over a decade with various health problems. He exhausted multiple conventional treatment options and struggled with the unwanted side-effects of prescribed medication.

Eventually he successfully turned to complementary health. The trouble is it wasn’t an easy journey.

Understanding the complementary health landscape was a nightmare. There was a lot of conflicting information and noise out there, which made choosing the most appropriate therapy a headache at the best of times.

Even once it was possible to select a therapy, the next challenge was finding a suitable therapist. It was not simple to understand whether a therapist had a suitable level of experience, or even whether they were who they claimed to be.


What we do

Treatwiser introduces health and wellness-conscious people to the world of complementary therapy. We increase awareness of the many different forms of complementary therapy available through top quality content on our complementary health blog. This helps people make decisions and take their first steps.

We involve experts in every single piece of new content creation published on our site, and focus on creating a balanced view so people see both sides of the argument and make up their own minds. Any claims, facts and figures are meticulously checked and cited.

We also allow people to search and connect with complementary therapists who best suit their needs. In order to become verified, complementary therapists must prove that they have either 1) a relevant qualification and active insurance coverage or 2) active professional body membership.

In a recent survey, over 98% of visitors to our site agreed that they trusted the blog and find a complementary therapist tool found on Treatwiser.