Zena Hodgson

Zena Hodgson


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“Wake up to a bright new day of possibilities…”

Anxiety doesn’t define you, and it doesn’t have to control your life.
Offering both in-person and online hypnotherapy sessions, I can help equip you with practical tools and techniques to help you reduce anxiety in real-life situations, whether it’s dealing with social interactions, driving, or those restless nights.

I work in collaboration with my clients to help combat stress and anxiety, improve sleep and cope better with whatever life throws at you. Using a safe and powerful modern therapeutic approach which combines proven techniques from CBT, NLP and Solution Focused Brief Therapy with the natural state of trance, I can help you to make positive changes in your life in a relatively short space of time.

At WakeUp2Life I use a completely forward looking, solution focused approach concentrating on the present and future, moving you towards your desired goals and helping you to make significant, positive changes for a better life. I’m passionate about empowering people and part of that empowerment comes from knowledge and understanding. From the very first Initial Consultation I will give you an insightful explanation of how the brain works, why we can sometimes suffer in the way we do and how hypnotherapy can help. Armed with new knowledge on how to regain control of your thoughts, you will leave this first session already feeling better.
An Free initial phone consultation can be booked here: calendly.com/WakeUp2Life

Menopause in Mind is my 6-week course to help women gain the understanding they need to better navigate the journey through menopause so that they can reduce their anxiety and feel more calm and comfortable in their body.
Helping women gain a better understanding of the facts around the neuroscience, physiology, mindset and hormones involved. Supporting them to find solutions to better manage symptoms of anxiety, worry, fatigue, aches & pains, brain fog, hot flushes and the myriad of other possible physical and emotional symptoms that may arise at this time of life.


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