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I’m a qualified naturopath, herbalist and iridologist practicing at Brent & Camden Osteopaths, in Kensal Rise, North West London. I also do zoom consultations from home on days I’m not in the clinic, so if you can’t travel to the clinic then message me for times I’m available for a zoom consultation.

I’ve been practicing for 13 years now and am passionate about natural medicine and believe in empowering people so that they can look after themselves to keep their body in balance. I combine my knowledge of traditional plant remedies with modern science and incorporate both Western and Ayurvedic teachings in my practice.

I’m now also using Spagyric essences. Spagyric medicine is an ancient natural system of healing based on the synergy of herbal medicine, homeopathy, aromatherapy and mineral therapy.

In your first consultation (one hour) I’ll take a detailed case history including questions about your current health status, your medical history, diet and lifestyle. Diagnostic procedures including a blood pressure check, nail examination, tongue and pulse may also be carried out. Please bring any medications that you are on with you to the consultation.

Afterwards I’ll do some research (if necessary) and work out a treatment plan including a herbal prescription, which is specifically made for you and/or recommend nutritional supplements, and give diet and lifestyle advice.  A follow-up consultation (30mins) is usually required in three to four weeks to see how you are responding to treatment. Further appointments may be necessary to assess whether your prescription requires adjusting as your health improves.

The herbal remedies can be in the form of tincture (plant constituents extracted in alcohol or glycerol), herbal teas, powders, capsules, creams, oils and ointments.

The cost of herbal remedies is in addition to the consultation fee.

Tinctures: £12 – £18 per week.
Spagyric Essences: from £27 for 50ml.
Powders/capsules: from £15
Teas: from £10 per 100gm
Creams: £12 for 60ml, £20 for 100ml

Nutritional supplements: from £10

Payment can be made by card, cash or cheques.
There is a p&p charge of £6 for herbal remedies to be posted.
Please give 24 hours’ notice for cancellations.


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