Yasmin Latif

Yasmin Latif


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I am a Nutritional therapist and Health Coach supporting women in their hormonal health, weight loss and gut health.

Want to feel radiant, empowered and energised?

Are you experiencing weird moods, hot flashes and disturbed sleep? Has your weight increased without you changing what you eat? You seem to be in a spiral of exhaustion and your mood swings are worse than ever. You wonder where your life has gone and want to feel like you again?

Work with me and thrive and gain the knowledge to feel like you have control over your mind and body again. Live the happy and healthy life you deserve.

What I offer:

  • A complimentary 30 minute call with me to discuss your health issues and how nutritional therapy and health coaching can help you.
  • Bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plans. Specialised to meet your nutritional needs with the help of science backed evidence.
  • Personalised 1 to 1 health programmes that suit you to meet your health goals and challenges.
  • Functional testing, to measure physiological biomarkers for a targeted approach to nutrition and lifestyle.

My consultations begin with an initial assessment which includes a dietary, health and energy analysis. From this I create a personalised nutritional plan that may have supplements and lifestyle recommendations to suit your health goals.

This is combined with health coaching to keep you motivated and focused in achieving your health goals.

I work closely with my clients and offer support with follow ups consultations and I am available via email for additional support and guidance.


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