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Our aim is to create a haven that fosters personal transformation, connection, and well-being. By promoting calm, sacredness, and balance, we help people thrive in a hectic world. We firmly believe that every individual possesses an inner wellspring of strength, wisdom, and creativity, which can be tapped into for deep healing and meaningful growth.

Transform your life and unlock your potential. Let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth towards a fulfilling existence. Together, we’ll navigate challenges and empower you to live your best life.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Getting to Know Me – Reflecting on you and your purpose (wellbeing guidance session)
  • Wellbeing Training – Supporting improvement of mind, body and spiritual growth to develop healthier habits and greater resilience (wellbeing guidance session)
  • Inner-Peace – To support all-round peace of your mind, body, and spirit (meditation session)
  • Spiritual Healing – To restore balance and harmony (wellbeing guidance session)
  • Love Frequency – Assist in allowing and letting love flow (meditation session)
  • Visual Imagery – Using imagery and visualisation techniques to support manifestation (meditation session)
  • Mantra – Using spoken mantra words and sounds to become more centred (meditation session)
  • Breath Work – Breathing exercises to support healing throughout your mind and body (meditation session)
  • Lifestyle Training – Personalised to support a healthy lifestyle
  • Spiritual Alignment – Aligning with universal energy


Presently located in Northamptonshire and offer remote sessions as well as home visits (this is dependent on distance and travel expenses will be charged).

The first 15 minutes is a free consultation; to discuss your needs and what may be the most effective package for you. I am fully insured and am also a member of Think Tree (An International Professional Association for Complementary Therapy, Healthcare, Wellness and Wellbeing). I am also a qualified teacher, have an updated DBS and am safeguard certified.

The best way to book an appointment is to email me in the first instance:  You can also book sessions directly, using our calendar, on our website – choose a session, then click ‘Book Now’.

I also sell wellbeing items in my shop – please visit my website for further details –

Thank you, Peace and Love to you



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