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My name is Nat van Zee. I help sensitives feel empowered, and uncover the root cause of their challenges in health, life, love, and career using various therapeutic modalities, including Hypnotherapy, Internal Family Systems and Coaching via online and in-person sessions.

I help you deep clean and upgrade your personal system, gain clarity, and cultivate inner harmony and peace. I coach you to learn to trust yourself and dialogue with your inner parts to help you feel inspired rather than anxious and depressed.

I coach you to reclaim your clarity, power and purpose, and achieve your dreams and goals. In this process, you will clear any sabotaging blocks, rewrite traumatic memories, let go of childhood, family, ancestral or cultural conditioning, limiting beliefs and other burdens, fears or phobias that drain your energy.

I support you to develop self-leadership by re-negotiating roles of extreme inner parts that criticise, self-harm or people please into being Self-led feeling calm, creative, confident, centred, courageous and connected.

To feel is to heal, so I navigate your mind for difficult memories that trigger or block you and locate the younger parts of you – your inner children – that froze in a traumatic time. I help you say or act out whatever you were unable to do then, so you can release the emotional burden, and integrate that part into the present time.

This process frees your energy, because it no longer needs to suppress old emotions. As you rewrite your memories, your story changes and this transforms your perspective on life, so you can change it.

I coach you to integrate your new awareness, and support and hold you accountable to take your next steps. I help you to:

  • Release hidden blocks, beliefs and stuck emotions
  • Improve your health, well-being and confidence
  • Upgrade your mindset to achieve your goals
  • Heal inner child, family or ancestral wounds
  • Learn nervous regulation and energy tools
  • Release trauma, pain, phobias and fears
  • Balance work, life, relationships and play
  • Develop your intuition and trust yourself
  • Create healthy boundaries and thinking
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Increase self-love and connection



Annabel found love, a new job, became happier and more confident after years of feeling depressed, anxious, and in pain. Read the case study to discover the rapid progress in just 6 months.


“The immense power that’s come from this breakthrough journey with you that I’m on has been beyond measure. Thank you. I am very very grateful for you.”

Said my client – let’s call her Ella – after her 3rd session. Today she gifted me her book full of excitement as she explains how she feels transformed.

Ella sleeps better and is now able to stay grounded rather than reacting to individuals who would have agitated her before.

She noticed she talks and acts differently. Most importantly she is no longer taking people’s sh*t. Instead, she is setting boundaries. She is now aware that she has a choice to be sucked into drama, or not.

After a lifetime of abuse and people-pleasing asserting your power like this is major. It will show up in all aspects of your life.

Ella is making changes in her business and has just been given an industry award recognising her achievements she has worked so hard for.

For the first time ever she went on a holiday by herself to relax, process, integrate and spend quality alone. She is taking time for self-care, allowing herself to be and feel at peace.

She shared that her staff joked, what will happen after this session? After each self-healing appointment, she noticed increased flow in her life; an unexpected inheritance, justice, and reviving processes that lay dormant for months.



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