Nadine Howkins

Nadine Howkins


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I am an Elite Level 5 Life Coach with Counselling, NLP & Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, EFT /TFT Tapping Practitioner and Master Practitioner. I also hold a Diploma in Stress Management including Meditation, Mindfulness, CBT and am a Certified Laughter Facilitator.

I use a non-directive, solution / goal focused approach with clients, to assist them in empowering themselves to achieve their goals. I believe that every client, with the right support, guidance, techniques, and accountability has everything they need within them to change their lives and find all the solutions they require to achieve the outcomes they desire.

I have helped numerous clients with:

Pain Relief, Recurring Dreams / Sleep Issues, Confidence / Low Self Esteem, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Fears & Phobias, Childhood & Past Trauma, Inner Conflict, Relationships, Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation and more.

I am particularly passionate about:

Demolishing Limiting Beliefs / Instilling Self-Belief & Confidence, Dream Therapy, and Regression Therapy.


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