Mark Lidster DCHyp

Mark Lidster DCHyp


Product Description

I know from personal experience that life can get you down. That’s probably why you’re here. However the good news is that you don’t have to cope on your own. I’m here to help you take the right steps towards making lasting and positive changes……

I Can Help You
Through the safe and natural power of hypnosis and related talking therapies, I can help you overcome unwanted issues, habits or fears so that you can

  • Free yourself from needless worry & anxiety
  • Create inner confidence and self esteem
  • Be unaffected by what others think of you
  • Release yourself from past issues
  • Attain better mental & physical health
  • Conquer your fears
  • Beat addiction
  • Resolve trauma
  • Improve the important relationships in your life
  • Be free to discover your purpose and meaning
  • Create an unshakeable resilience to cope with life events
  • Sleep better than you have in a very long time
  • No longer feel the need to compare yourself or compete with others

My Approach
I take a very informal and friendly approach approach to every session we have together. I like to find out about every facet of your issue, so that I am able to create a treatment that is totally customised to your needs. Over the 15 years I’ve been using this approach I’ve achieved tremendous and rapid results with my extensive and eclectic client base.

Why not call or WhatsApp/Text me for a no obligation chat on how I Can Help You create lasting positive changes in your life.

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