Margie Chavasse BSc, mANP, rGNC – Founder of NRG Nutrition

Margie Chavasse BSc, mANP, rGNC – Founder of NRG Nutrition


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Margie is a fully qualified Kinesiologist and Nutritional Therapist, practicing since 2015.

Her mission is to help people realise that no health problem is too small and there is an alternative out there that can help. She is passionate about people living healthy lives, ones they can enjoy and participate in, for their whole lives.

Don’t settle for sub-par health. Let Margie help you get your quality of life back.

“I see so many people whose quality of life is suffering because of health issues that they are ignoring either because they feel it’s not a big enough problem to bother people with or they’ve exhausted traditional paths to get the problem fixed.

And they feel they are at a dead end
Their worsening quality of life has them:
unable to do things they used to do,
losing their freedom and
putting up with pain and problems.

It impacts the way they communicate with their loved ones.
And small problems multiply and create large problems which can have a devastating effect.
It’s not be normal to have lots of small health issues, but it’s frequently taken to be so.

Yet health, retaining good health, is the most important thing in the world.”

Do you have issues with your health?  You may be dealing with it in all sorts of ways, but what is frequently overlooked is there may be parasites underlying this.  Parasites are hard to locate and muck up digestion, joints, blood flow, liver, gall bladder, everything – they will go where there’s a quiet backwater, and then make that backwater even quieter.

Symptoms throughout the body can often be resolved by treating the gut. The ecosystem in your gut must be healthy for you to be healthy and it will try very hard to expel unwanted parasitic infections, leading to bad gut, pain, constipation and diarrhoea.

If your skin is bad or you have allergies, can’t seem to lose weight, suffer from an autoimmune disease, have hormonal swings, have insulin resistance / metabolic syndrome or have recurring headaches, the cause is likely to be pathogenic – some invader that is not supporting you.  It could be at the root of your chronic symptoms and the some of the food you eat will be fuelling it.

Foods that cause sensitivities / allergies can be identified speedily and painlessly using Kinesiology so they can be removed from your diet whilst the body works to heal itself (which it wants to do naturally). Again, I use kinesiology for this.

Want to find out more? I warmly invite you to book a Free Discovery Call:

Do you have any of these symptoms?  If so, do book a discovery call

Chronic fatigue
Persistent headaches or migraines
Skin disorders
A low immune system
Chronic long term health issues (including autoimmune conditions)
Premenstrual problems
Menopausal problems
Allergies such as hay-fever and rhinitis

Ear aches frequently
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Feeling unwell where medical investigations have revealed no known cause
Desire to maintain good health

Identifying and treating pathogenic infections is one of Margie’s core skills.  Pathogen infections are something unpleasant to contemplate yet we all have them to some degree.  These clever invaders may or may not create identifiable health issues yet are probably the least understood yet a major cause of illness since they seldom appear in blood or stool samples.  Autoimmune conditions, where the body is attacking itself, may be driven by an unwanted parasite hiding in tissue, and the immune system is trying to eradicate it but damaging itself in the process.


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