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I am a qualified Hypnotherapist with a background in teaching, offering clinical and solution focused hypnotherapy, parts hypnotherapy combined with mindfulness techniques, meditation, and EFT for anxiety, stress, panic attacks, low self-esteem, sleep problems, weight loss, phobias, and pain control.

I have helped people from different backgrounds and with a range of issues to make positive shifts and improve their lives and achieve their goals. I will work with you on achieving your goals and on making positive changes to your life, in a supportive, compassionate, safe, caring, and private environment.

During the first session, we talk about your problems, we discuss your goals, and then we create a plan on how we would work on this. With hypnotherapy, the course of therapy is tailor made to each client’s needs. Normally the therapy takes 4-6 sessions. In some cases, it takes 12 sessions. It all depends on the situation and type of approach we agree to take.

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You can call me on 07511412715 or email me for a 20-minute free introductory consultation, where we can have a chat about what you would like to achieve and ask any questions. It is a chance for you to decide if I am the right therapist for you.


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