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I am a Qualified Transformational Coach, Usui Holy Fire Reiki III Master Teacher., Oracle/Tarot Card reader, Mindfulness Meditation Guide. I take Spiritual Transformational coaching sessions that include – Access Consciousness clearings plus the Cognitive Behavioural process to clear your beliefs and make space for new possibilities.

I have been practising Reiki and other healing modalities for many years now. Having successfully transformed the lives of many of my clients using intensive spiritual healing modalities, I take immense pride in working with people who believe that inner work is necessary to achieve peace and tranquillity in life.

I believe having an open space for clients to come to their own awareness empowers them to know that – ‘they know!’ We all have access to knowing what we can choose to create greater in our lives.

STRESSED? STUCK? LOST? It would be best if you start your transformation journey thereby creating new possibilities.

Have you already tried several things and not able to get the results you desire? Do you want to align your goals and move forward to achieve them?

Do you want to improve your relationships, work on your confidence, and know your life purpose?

Bring in drastic changes in your life. Connect with me for a Free Consultation call, or just email/message me to schedule one for you.

Healing your mind, body, and spirit is vital to start creating the life you want. It helps us easily let go of what’s not serving us better and welcomes new changes in our lives with ease and joy!

Benefits of Reiki & Energy Healing:

1. Reduce stress and triggers the body’s natural healing abilities.
2. Helps in better sleep patterns.
3. Balances the mind and body. Make you more aware of the mind-body connection.
4. Physical pains.
5. Brings in a positive outlook toward life.
6. Reduces blood pressure.
7. Clears toxins from the body.
8. Also helps reduce weight
9. Adepts to the needs of the recipient.
… And many more.

Before entering the healing service, I worked with a giant IT corporate for 7 years. But I felt a void in my heart every time as years passed by. I then started working on my inner self, and that’s when I realized her true purpose is to help people heal. I started learning Reiki for transforming myself first, and then she started practicing on others.

Also, working as a Holistic Transformational Coach for many years now I have been able to provide a complete transformational approach to my clients. Holistic Transformational Coaching sessions are a favorite amongst my clients as they provide them with a much wider perspective on their life purpose and life goals. During the sessions, I empower my clients to get rid of their limiting beliefs, pain, sadness, fear, guilt, grief, etc., and suggest the Ayurvedic ways of living a better life.

One can choose from a 30 min(light therapy) session to a 2 hour(intensive) session

I also take mindfulness meditation classes as individual sessions and/or group sessions both in-person and online. Mindfulness meditations are powerful and have helped a lot of clients with anxiety and depression.

If you desire to choose something different, create a new reality for yourself, come out of the stuckness, and bring in the change, please contact me

More information on my practices  – Reiki, Coaching, and Mindfulness is available on my website.



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