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Julia Witherspoon


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I’m Julia, I’m a Dorset based, BANT registered and fully insured Nutritional Therapist.  I work with women who are struggling with the monstrous effects of perimenopause to reduce symptoms and turn their health around, so they can embrace the rest of their lives with renewed vitality, energy and confidence.

I am also passionate about brain health and reducing risk of developing a brain disease as we age.  I want all women to understand that diet and lifestyle can play a HUGE role in making sure not only our body remains healthy as we age, but our brain and our mind do as well.

Working with me is enjoyable, energetic and collaborative, and you will feel motivated, encouraged and inspired to regain your va va voom and make the rest of your life the best of your life!

Free, no-obligation, 30 minute introductory Zoom call, so you can tell me more about you, your health concerns and goals and I can tell you more about how nutritional therapy can help.


Or email me to arrange.


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