The Holistic Health Method by Jade Leighton

The Holistic Health Method by Jade Leighton


Product Description

Do you want to take control of your health but feel overwhelmed by conflicting information? The Holistic Health Method® was created for you.

With qualifications in nutritional therapy, lifestyle medicine and personal training, Jade Leighton has devised a truly holistic approach to supporting health. The Holistic Health Method® is an evidence-based therapeutic approach that uses functional medicine to assess the whole person, in the pursuit of optimal health and wellbeing. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ programme. Instead, The Holistic Health Method® is applied to your individual circumstances in order to understand the root causes of your concerns and give you the tools you need to change your life.

Feeling tired all the time? Struggling with digestive issues? Chronically stressed? Gaining weight? These are just some of the issues that The Holistic Health Method® can help with. We believe that everyone deserves to feel great. Yet now, more than ever, a myriad of factors are responsible for impacting our physical and mental health. That’s why The Holistic Health Method® is not about quick fixes or diets.

We consider the whole person, including their family history, pre-existing conditions, diet, exercise, environment, work life and relationships, in order to devise a personalised health optimisation plan. Every client will have specific goal in mind, but the ultimate aim, for everyone, is to cultivate thriving health for a happier life.

While we are based in London our services are delivered online via video consultations which means we can work with clients far and wide.


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