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Gareth Sammer


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Welcome and well done for making that important first step in reaching out for help.  There are many reasons why people may find themselves struggling in life.  Maybe you’re finding yourself struggling with low moods, depression, anxiety, negativity, believing things will never improve or get better, perhaps even leading to self-harm and dark suicidal thoughts.

Perhaps there are other emotional issues occurring for you around anger, resentment, jealousy or bereavement and loss.  Maybe your struggles are more around relationships, job issues, confidence or self-belief.  Or perhaps you’re finding yourself caught up in something unhealthy and self-destructive such as an addiction or other compulsive and overwhelming behaviours.

The truth is there are so many reasons why people struggle and the reality is that many, many people seek out counselling and psychotherapy every day to help them cope with their unique issues.  We know therapy can be intimidating especially if it’s your first time, but we promise to treat with with care, empathy and compassion, creating a safe space where you can let your unique story unfold.

With a flexible approach, we tailor your therapy sessions to your unique needs.  Whether you just need to offload, rant or talk, or whether you need something more interactive, challenging or instructional we can help you.

We have a team of 20 therapists based throughout West and South West London including Acton, Chiswick, Kew, Richmond upon Thames, Ealing, Hanwell, Hammersmith, Southfields, Putney and Clapham.  We can work with many different presentations and offer flexible appointment times throughout the week.  We can also offer you online sessions via Zoom and MS Teams if you do not live close to any of our practices.

To find out more, please view our website or email us for more information or to book an appointment.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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