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Esther Johnson


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Hi, I am Esther, of Anew Hypnotherapy and I am a Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I am based in the south of England on the beautiful Isle of Wight and predominantly work with my clients online via Zoom. This enables me to help people not only locally and within the UK, but all over the world. The results my clients have experienced from online sessions have proven that it is just as effective as face-to-face sessions, with the added benefit of being in the comfort of your own home.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a modern psychotherapeutic approach that is practical, structured, well-researched, and with measured outcomes and is based on up-to-date neuroscientific research. The type of Psychotherapy we practice in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is ‘Solution Focused’ Therapy and is designed to reduce anxiety and calm the mind. And exactly as its name suggests, it focuses on finding solutions for your future, rather than analysing problems of the past. Being very future-focused and goal-oriented, we acknowledge where you are currently and help you to move forward toward your desired outcome. I help you to understand your stress, anxieties, fears, phobias, etc. where they come from, and how we can help you to move forward with more confidence, resilience, and higher levels of self-esteem. So you can achieve your goals and live the happy fulfilled life you long for.

My clients find their sessions to be incredibly relaxing, uplifting, and very enjoyable, and achieve significant positive & lasting results in a relatively short space of time. All appointments are completely confidential and conducted in a comfortable, safe, and non-judgmental environment.

I offer free no obligation consultations to help me understand better how I can help you, and for you to find out if this therapy is suitable for you, and also to see if you would feel comfortable working with me.

Please contact me if you would like further information or to schedule your free consultation.






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