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Dina Hassan


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I’m Dina, a registered Nutritional Therapist offering personalised nutrition consultations in east London and online.

As a working mum with a disability, I am passionate about making nutrition accessible and achievable to those with additional challenges, such as limited time, energy or mobility. Whether you’re a busy parent, you work long hours, you have a disability or generally low on time or energy, I provide achievable nutrition programmes for each unique situation, using creative and practical solutions combined with evidence-based nutrition.

Through tailored nutrition, I support clients with a range of conditions including bone, bowel and bladder health, weight management, hormonal health and more.

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“Dina is knowledgeable and patient. She really cares about the outcome and has given me invaluable tips on improving my diet to improve energy. Her plan is personalised and put together with great care.” M.P

“Thanks Dina, your sensitive and non-judgemental approach made it easy for me to talk about my issues. Giving me options and explaining the science helped me to follow your advice and stick to the plan. A few months on and I am still eating well and feeling stronger, less tired, less pain and sleeping better.” D.B

“Dina is empathetic and encouraging, she took on board how I didn’t have much time so she provided me with a plan that was realistic in terms of the practicalities of preparation and also to fit with my lifestyle.” S.H


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