Assisi Therapy

Assisi Therapy


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Realising you need help is the first step on a journey. I aim to help you build lasting and positive change in your life, in a way that works for you.

My name is Ben Dryer and I am trained to help you continue that journey, through a broad range of Psychotherapeutic techniques, Counselling and the wonderful tool of Hypnotherapy.

I understand that the thought of finding help can be daunting. My aim is to make our next steps together as positive and stress-free as they can be. I offer you a safe, therapeutic space full of understanding and free from judgement.

Hypnosis is an established, natural and effective way to access the unconscious parts of your mind and make positive changes through verbal suggestion. Psychotherapy and Counselling are ways of helping you understand why you do things and how you can make positive changes to your behaviour.

Getting help can be a liberating and lasting experience. With the ability to draw on a range of techniques and a dedicated Counselling and Therapy space in Salisbury, I work to reduce the stress of change and free you to move towards the life you want.


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