Maureen Anderson-Smith

Maureen Anderson-Smith


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I specialise in Aromatherapy and aromatherapy massage. We use therapeutic grade, organic and natural oils, blended whilst you wait to meet your integral needs. The aromatherapy extends throughout all the manual therapies as all products are handcrafted, prescribed and prepared for each individual. We assess for contraindications through our detailed consultations.

We have a body massage clinic and I specialise in Advanced Clinical Massage, Deep Tissue therapy, Hot Stone Massage therapy, Acupressure seated Massage.

Integrative facial therapy is a therapy that is deeper than skin level an incorporates massage not only for facial experience, also, neck, head, shoulders and décolleté, and so bringing about relaxation, de-stress, tension release and rejuvenation. I specialise in three types of integrative facial they consists of Holistic Facial Massage, Aromatherapy Facial Massage and Detox Holistic Facial Massage.

We now have three online therapies, or face to face therapies. These include: Mindfulness Masterclasses, chronic pain clinic and nutritional therapy. Details of these therapies will follow shortly.


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