Isobel Hamilton

Isobel Hamilton


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After >10 years of working in professional and private kitchens as a passionate foodie, I turned my expertise to nutrition in a bid to improve a prognosis and create gut friendly recipes bespoke to each case.

Studying at one of the top nutrition schools in the country, CNM, London, I spent 3 gruelling years researching the interconnection between gut health/gut bacteria imbalances and the plethora of other illnesses that can come as a result.

I get to the route cause of what might be going on and, as an extension, deal with other symptoms that may be spiralling off as a result.

Leaving behind the scaremongering and one-dimensional faddy diets, I want to educate people on science-based nutrition to help everyone enjoy good food that they can easily prepare at home, to achieve the results they need.


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