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Our leading therapist and published author, Olivier Sanchez ND NTDip rCHNC MGNC MGNI MNNA is a fully registered Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist and is an expert in stress and stress-related conditions, including multifactorial inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.
Chronic stress has been identified as a key driver to many health conditions including anxiety and depression, poor cognition and, in the long-term, neurodegeneration. With ever-growing clinical evidence of stress, Olivier has graduated in stress and mental health conditions, including further specialisation in eating disorders and he is currently studying Mental Health in children and young adults.

He has undergone intense training in Naturopathic Medicine and his timely discovery of Naturopathic Nutrition has finally provided the tools he needed to pursue his calling: helping people.
Through constant research and studying, Olivier is amassing an entire set of tools with up-to-date evidence in order to help his clients reach an optimum state of health.

A qualified Iridologist, certified in Sport & Nutrition, Cleanse, Detox & Weight Management, his ongoing training includes NLP and Personal Performance Coaching, both exceptional techniques, he believes, can help identify blockages and barriers that may prevent many from moving forwards, and becoming the person they only dreamed of, healthy and happy.

He has published “Energise – 30 Days to Vitality” available on Amazon worldwide. His upcoming book: “Detox before Energise” will soon be available.
These manuals have been designed to empower you with enough knowledge to help you take back control of your life.

Olivier is also a Michelin-trained Chef with over 25 years of experience in restaurants and private employment for the rich and famous. An Ambassador of Naturopathic Cuisine, he has designed, tried and tested many original recipes for national magazines and blogs.


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