Michael Jon Pierce, MA (Cantab)

Michael Jon Pierce, MA (Cantab)


Product Description

I have been a certified and well-experienced teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1980.

I am based in Mill Hill, North West London, but I am able to offer courses in person but also courses conducted mainly by home learning through a mixture of lessons on an app which can taken in a student’s own time plus zoom support sessions.

I offer structured sessions over 4 days, with ongoing support offered to students over 6 months if required all included in the course fee.

I am a representative of a registered educational charity, The Maharishi Foundation, and to make instruction available to all course fees are on a sliding scale, depending on what people can afford, and bursaries are available in case of financial need.

I am accredited to teach TM by my professional body and have full Professional Liability insurance .

Bookings can be made via my website, www.meditation-london.com, or via Michael.pierce@tm.org


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