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Louise Beck


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I offer a client focused approach selecting from Hypnotherapy Techniques, NLP Coaching, TFT Tapping & Havening Techniques ® that match to your needs as an individual, maybe issues in your past or present! Traumatic life events can hold us back due to the encoding within our brain but we can work together to release these. I work with clients on phobia’s, fears, anxiety, trauma and many more issues, touch base for a free discovery call so we can discuss your issue. I am located in Thanet, Kent and can provide face to face or online appointments.

I am a mum foremost and understand daily stress and strains of balancing a business life. I hear so often how as parents we place ourselves last. I can help with both parental worries and offer a wellbeing toolkit for children which can help all the family. I use many tools from Havening Techniques and Hypno4Children to help children face their issues such as school refusal, anxiety or exam worries and many more.
I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherpy (NCH) who accredited my training qualification. Other qualifications include my Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, TFT (Tapping – TFT-Algo – Approved Callahan Techniques), NLP (Coaching Certificate) and most recently becoming a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner.
I am fully insured with Hollistic insurance and have a current DBS certificate via NCH.

I am an author after just releasing my very first book ‘Eny Greenie The Water Witch’, A set of Mindfulness Short stories for Children aged 4 -9 years!

I have a pharmacy/pharmaceutical background which has led me to have a good understanding of how the human body & mind can work in harmony and not against each other. I have worked in both a corporate and community based business so have a good understanding of work place stresses we can face each day resulting in anxiety and prolonged sickness. I am a supporter of wellbeing programmes within the workplace. I look forward to chatting with you.


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