Ewelina Szczeblewska

Ewelina Szczeblewska


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I’m a certified hypnotherapist & RTT Therapist (a form of hypnotherapy).

How we think, feel and behave has a profound effect on our lives. For the most part, we can manage to navigate the ebbs and flows of life by ourselves. However, sometimes we need help to find solutions and shift our perspectives so that we can achieve the desired outcome.

When working with clients I draw on years of personal experience and years of professional development. I love what I do because I help people to create extraordinary lives by scaling from the inside out. In case you haven’t noticed all starts from within.
My work is solution-focused and I apply many skills and therapies such as hypnosis, RTT, NLP & mindfulness in order to give you the best service possible.

I work with anxious and frustrated overthinkers to help them shift their perspectives and find solutions so that they can step up in all aspects of their lives with self-trust, courage and unstoppable confidence.

I am fully insured & part of the RTT community that ensures my professional development. An appointment can be made by emailing me at evelina@bravingthebeing.com or by clicking this link https://calendly.com/evelina-consultation/ewelina-szczeblewska.


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