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Amy Cottrell


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I’m Amy Cottrell, a nutritionist with a goal of spreading the word about the power of nutrition and its positive effect on health!

I enjoy observing my clients become their own health advocate -whether that includes wanting to learn more about nutrition or how nutrition sometimes coupled with lifestyle changes can alleviate symptoms and conditions that might be experienced.

I am passionate about all aspects of health and have a special interest in hormones and hormone related conditions, which can really benefit from a personalised nutritional plan!

Training at the College of Naturopathic Medicine was pinnacle to the success of becoming a nutritionist and provided me with the skills to practice nutrition in a very holistic way, using naturopathic principles that are backed by science.

Many of us know that it’s important to try and eat a balanced diet to support our wellbeing and there is a lot of information available that is often conflicting and confusing. You will receive support that is tailored to your individual needs via a combination of nutrition, movement, sleep & stress management recommendations. You will also have access to specific tests that will delve deeper into your anatomy and present insightful information to get to the root cause of any health concern.

Recommendations are broken down and based on your individual requirements, so nutrition and lifestyle changes can become much more understandable, manageable and even fun! Working together on a 1:1 basis, you will be more knowledgeable and feel empowered on your health

Our ultimate goal is that that you feel better in yourself, see a reduction in your symptoms and be more informed about nutrition with a greater understanding of your health. Transformation is powerful, you will be equipped with tools to enable you to lead a healthy and full life, long after we
finish working together.


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