Alina Tierney

Alina Tierney


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Autoimmune conditions, ME/CFS, chronic illnesses, MCAS, histamine intolerance, mould illnesses, chronic infections and gut issues

Alina Tierney is an experienced Nutritionist trained in Functional Medicine with over a decade of expertise in her field. Alina has an extensive knowledge of the intricate relationship between nutrition and health and specialises in untangling complex health issues. Her expertise includes chronic fatigue, gut health, autoimmune disorders and immune dysregulation. Alina takes a holistic approach to health and doesn’t just focus on symptom management. Instead, she uncovers the underlying causes of health imbalances and creates personalised nutritional plans that are tailored to the unique needs of each individual. She provides support and motivation to her clients throughout their healing journey.

What to expect:

Services primarily online to ensure accessibility and convenience for my clients. The process begins with an initial consultation, which will be conducted through video calls. During this consultation, Alina takes the time to get to know her clients, their health history, goals, and dietary preferences, with the aim of establishing a clear understanding of their unique needs and challenges. Following the initial consultation, a personalised nutritional plan is developed, tailored to their specific requirements. These plans are designed to address the root causes of health imbalances rather than just treating symptoms. Regular follow-up sessions are a crucial part of the process, allowing track progress, make necessary adjustments, and provide continuous support and encouragement to ensure clients stay motivated on their journey to better health..


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