I am an intuitive Healer/Teacher who has a vision to empower & teach how energy affects our every day lives and health.“Your Hands Can Heal School of Healing” was established  back in 2004 to provide a high standard of training, enabling students into becoming confident and proficient healing practitioners.

I offer Healing Treatments – Virtual Treatments – Courses & continued CPD support for all students.

I have been offering Professional energy healing treatments for more than 25 years and have held practices in South Africa, Israel & the UK.

Every treatment is different depending upon what is being presented, but each treatment is bespoke and life changing for each individual. Individuals always leave feeling of calm, relaxed and have a greater sense of lightness & wellbeing.

I am fully qualified in my healing modalities & fully insured.





If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition, please consult your GP for advice before starting any new therapies.

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    "Hone Your Mind & Heal Your Body"
    Tera-Mai™ Energy Healing Reiki Seichem Courses & Healing Treatments

    My name is Victoria Nunes-Carvalho and I am an intuitive Tera-Mai™ Akasha Seichem, Reiki teacher & healer with more than 25 years of experience in the world of energy healing. I was born in Guildford, Surrey. At the tender age of 9, I went to live in Johannesburg in South Africa. This has had a profound impact on my life and the way in which I view things. Visiting traditional witch doctors in downtown Johannesburg was just one of my early childhood experiences. At an early age it was recognised that I had psychic abilities and experienced vivid premonitions in the form of dreams. This had to be developed and channelled.

    After returning to England as a teenager to complete my tertiary education, I returned to South Africa where I remained living for a further 21 years. After totally immersing myself in the hustle and bustle of the corporate world of sales and marketing utilising my natural intuitive skills to deliver and regularly exceed my sales targets. Thereafter I decided to follow my intuition into registering for my initial Reiki training back in the 1990’s. I have never looked back! Since signing up for my initial training I have experienced some amazing insights over the years with my work, particularly now that I work with Tera-Mai™ energy healing. I practised Reiki in South Africa up until 2002, at which point I left and spent a year living in Israel, where I continued to offer treatments before returning to England in the heat wave of July 2003. After which I started to build up my Reiki practice.
    In the autumn of 2004 I founded “Your Hands Can Heal School of Healing” with the intention of providing quality training and giving comprehensive treatments, which seemed to be in short supply. I concentrate on the A-Z of teaching a total novice in energy healing and Reiki. I founded the school with the intention of producing confident therapists who would go on to practice their skills and possibly teach as well. Simultaneously, I gave people in need much needed healing and relief. As a spiritual teacher I am dedicated to providing the highest quality teaching of the Hands-On Healing course, the foundation course for all healing and Tera-Mai™ Reiki/Seichem healing courses, enabling students to reach their fullest potential. The emphasis is on offering bespoke training. Students are taught in small groups or on a one to one basis if necessary. I don’t take shortcuts, so my students receive a very comprehensive training with clear instruction. To date I have worked and taught Usui Reiki, KarunaⓇ Reiki and currently teach Tera-Mai™ energy healing which incorporates both Reiki & Seichem healing modalities. In parallel I have organised a wide variety of workshops and events supporting that which I teach.

    In January 2015 after experiencing a Tera-Mai™ healing treatment, I instantly decided that this was something I wanted to offer to both my clients and students. What I have discovered since converting to this incredibly well balanced healing system is that Tera-Mai™ healing really does take healing to a whole new level, where previously the results I was looking for were not possible to achieve. I was subsequently invited to re-establish Tera-Mai™ healing in East Sussex & Kent, which has now been achieved.

    When we explore and question just how our beliefs and life’s experience go onto affecting our physical and mental wellbeing, it may well leave us re-evaluating our lives, experiences and choices. Moving on from this, we can all transform our lives by simply exploring and considering just how our life’s experiences have affected our lives. When we start to unravel this malaise we can then begin to clear our human energy field and realise just how health and wellbeing both emotionally and physically have been affected by our negative thoughts and experiences, and of course how they have ultimately impacted on our endocrine system and human body. When we change our thoughts, beliefs, posture, breathing and correct positive thinking - we simply transform our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing!

    To book either a Tera-Mai™ healing treatment or for further details as to how to register for the Hands-on Healing course, Tera-Mai™ Reiki or Seichem courses, please either call or Email me.

    Email: info@yourhandscanheal.co.uk

    Web: www.yourhandscanheal.co.uk

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    I specialise in teaching & offering Reiki, Seichem & offer HEF energy Auric Clearings & Psychic Readings as well offer Petaltone workshops to my practitioner.

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    I am a qualified Reiki & Seichem Master/Teacher & Healer, Petaltone practitioner & have a WPF Certificate in Councelling Skills to support my Psychic Energy Readings.

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