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I am a hypnotherapist with 20 years experience. I also am a trainer of content free therapy. If you dont know what Content free means please see my profile on the link above. basically it is a way that means you do not need to relive past traumas by telling me about them.

I prefer to work face to face but can also do Zoom as well. Anyone can have a free phoner chat to see whether I can help you and answer any questions





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  • Lian Price
    Lian Price
    a month ago

    Three and a half years after seeing John, I am writing to recommend him for his "stop smoking" session. It took just one session (and I wasn't even really sure I wanted to stop being a 40 plus a day smoker) for me to stop!! I still enjoy other people's smoke though . Thank you John, you have saved me a fortune.

  • Shakti Shah
    Shakti Shah
    a month ago

    I'm a little freaked out. 23 years a smoker and tried giving up for the last 15 years. I've used patches, gum, inhalators, quick mist and most recently vapes. I was so skeptical especially as a medical professional myself. I thought what a load of old tosh, but a patient of mine recommended John a year or so ago..I thought this Christmas why not, I've tried everything else. I'm sure I was present the entire time, listening to what John was saying and thought to myself okay this isn't what you see on TV or in the Movies. This had to be fake? I'm not sure how it works, but I haven't had a smidgen of nicotine run through my veins since I left John. It worked. I don't know how but it bloody worked. Thanks so much John. You strange but talented man.

  • Linda Smethurst
    Linda Smethurst
    3 months ago

    Thank you John for the most amazing hypnotherapy session this week. I am a huge believer in the power of the mind to heal the body and John framed the session perfectly to help with an ongoing health issue. He made me feel very comfortable and I can’t recommend highly enough.

  • Ricky Chambers
    Ricky Chambers
    4 months ago

    John is a great Hypnotherapist. I would highly recommend him. Especially if you're looking to stop smoking or do past life regression work.

  • laura fisher
    laura fisher
    4 months ago

    Wow… It has been 4 weeks today that I haven’t had a vape or cigarette. Honestly I thought he was pulling my leg at start but when the session was over I had the urge to cough I thought it was a weird. Got in the car touched my vape and panicked saying ewww . From then onwards I knew it was over I wasn’t going to smoke. For me it was the change of the having a vape on my hand so I used sugar free polos. I can say I haven’t touched a cigarette or vape for 4 weeks thankyou John.

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