Having worked as an interpreter for many years and seen and having personally experienced stress and burn-out, I decided to explore ways in which we can support ourselves to let go of striving and begin to thrive instead.

I have studied a variety of energy based techniques and now support others by helping them to interpret the messages from their own body in order to find a deeper sense of understanding, clarity and purpose.

Using bespoke 1:1 coaching and workshops, I have supported many women in rebuilding their confidence, self-esteem and resilience, allowing them to shine.

I am also fluent in British Sign Language (BSL), for anyone who uses this as their first language.

If you would like to know more, you can connect with me via this link: https://equenergy.com/bookachat






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  • Maria Newman
    Maria Newman
    a month ago

    Robyn Harris is an exceptional guide in the journey to understanding and nurturing our body's response to stress. I recently completed the Meta Consciousness workshop with her which was an amazing experience. Robyn effortlessly cultivates an ideal learning atmosphere, fostering curiosity and growth. Through her expertise, I gained invaluable insights into stress management and healing. Her unwavering support and adeptness in conveying complex concepts ensured I was able to fully understand the course content. I now feel better equipped to support myself, my family and my clients with what I have learnt. I wholeheartedly recommend Robyn to anyone seeking to explore holistic well-being. Working with her has been enlightening and empowering.

  • Andrea Griffin
    Andrea Griffin
    2 years ago

    SORRY FOR THE LONG REVIEW BUT PLEASE READ IT. I can't thank you enough Robyn for what you have done for me and supported me to make the changes that have truly changed my life thank you, thank you. I would like to start by saying how wonderful Robyn is and I highly recommend working with her. Robyn is such a gentle, kind, caring person who has a tremendous amout of skill and knowledge as a soul alignment mentor. Robyn came into my life at a time when I needed her most. After suffering a severe bout of clinical depression and work burnout, I found myself at my lowest point and completely lost. Robyn helped me find who I really am, accepting my true self and not to feel guilty about everything in my life. Encouraging me to step back and care for myself for the 1st time in my life. I have always felt it was my place to give give, give caring for my mother from 17 when I lost my father. Feeling I needed to always be the emotional support for family, friends and work mates ( which isn't a bad thing it is who I am. ) But I never realised how important I was and couldn't see the damage it was doing to me. Through working with Robyn I slowly started to clear the fog and was able to think about things in a different way. I took time out to listen to Robyn and followed her amazing advice, nothing radical but plan old common sense truths to stop - listen to my true self and give myself permission to be happy and confident. Robyn helped me to allow myself permission to do what I wanted and needed for me to thrive, to be contented and slow my life down to a pace that was good for me physically and mentally. As daft as it sounds Robyn gave me permission to say NO and the world didn't collapse in on my family and friends said O.K the first time I said no sorry I'm busy instead of saying yes and putting myself through hell, it was life changing. It has taken 6 months BUT I now have the confidence in me to ( in a really nice way) say NO and ask for what is best for me. This includes a conversation with my line manager two weeks ago for me to drop two days at work AMAZING SHE SAID YES. Robyn helped me to let me be my true self, to embrace nature and the simple things in life which I love and makes me so happy. I finally have the courage to step away from the things and people that have made me ill and unhappy for so long. Being part of Robyn's groups Wild Wisdom Well-being and the Wild Clan is wonderful it is filled with positivity something I hadn't had much of over the past few years. I would highly recommend joining both groups to have your daily fix of support, happiness and positivity. Robyn my sincere thanks for helping me and changing me and my life forever. I will be forever grateful. Andrea xxxx

  • Stephan Grabner
    Stephan Grabner
    3 years ago

    Robyn is a very experienced therapist. I found it most helpful to go to the sessions with an open mind and no specific expectations. This helped me to discover new things about me and helped me to move forward tremendously. I can recommend Robyn and her method to anyone who wants to explore their mindset and the way this influences our day to day life.

  • Julie Bailey
    Julie Bailey
    a year ago

    I found Robyn offered me some great advice with a friendly, kind approach. She helped me to understand a biological process for a friend to explore which was totally aligned with her experience. Many Thanks for your help Robyn, so appreciated. :)

  • Paul Jenner
    Paul Jenner
    a year ago

    I met Robyn for a chat and shared our stories and experiences both in life and work. Walking back to the car afterwards I checked the time and thought, blimey, where did 2 hours go. We were lost in conversation. Fabulous person, amazing time.

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition, please consult your GP for advice before starting any new therapies.

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    Therapist Robyn Harris

    Robyn Harris

    Hi, my name is Robyn, and I describe myself as a Soul Alignment Mentor. I love supporting people in exploring how they can deepen their self-care practice, start feeling healthier and happier and begin truly, richly, enjoying their lives again.

    Most of my work is through 1:1 sessions, either here at Equenergy, in the heart of the beautiful Welsh countryside or online, and workshops sharing various aspects of wellbeing wisdom.

    If you'd like to know more, let's get together for a virtual coffee and chat: https://equenergy.com/bookachat

    Additional Information


    Over the last couple of years I have specialised in working with people who have experienced / are experiencing trauma in their lives.

    I focus on supporting you to develop a deeper understanding of your body, any symptoms you might be experiencing, and how to use these to help you navigate back to a greater sense of wellbeing and ease.

    Education and Training

    I have trained in Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting.

    I am a qualified MetaConsciousness™ practitioner and qualified to teach at the introductory level.

    I have also done Reiki to level II, I am a qualified healer with the Healing Trust and animal healer - with an equine specialism - with the Healing Animals Organisation (HAO).

    I volunteer with FAST - Frontline Assistance for Stress & Trauma, where I have done CPD training specialising in supporting those with trauma and (complex)PTSD.

    Professional Body Memberships

    • The Healing Trust (NFSH)
    • Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting Academy (EFTMRA)
    • International MetaConsciousness Academy (IMCA)
    • Healing Animals Organisation (HAO)

    Insurance Coverage

    • Fully Insured

    Languages Spoken

    • English
    • British Sign Language