Reiki Healing £66.00 - £99.00

Adele Brydges

Forest Road, London, E8 3BH

Hi, I’m Adele, a ceramic artist, energy worker and sound practitioner based in East London.

I currently offer Reiki, Sound Therapy and Medicine drum therapies to help people realign their energy, access their true essence and release emotional blocks.

I have over 15 years of experience in the the fields of pleasure and sexual wellbeing, creating intimate tools and experiences that encourage self-connection and help us improve our relationship with pleasure and ourselves.

Our capacity to experience joy is affected by our physical, emotional and energetic state, along with our ability to access our sense of self-connection and flow. The Becoming embodies a holistic approach to wellbeing, drawing on the tools, techniques and experiences that have helped me to ground and reconnect with my sense of self, sensuality and the world around me.






If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition, please consult your GP for advice before starting any new therapies.

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    I specialise in blended Reiki and Sound Therapy practices that help you reduce your stress and anxiety levels, increase your energy and release any emotions that may be suppressed or stored in the body or subconscious.

    My mindful and intentional creative practice along with my understanding of energy and holistic therapies gives me a unique sensitivity and approach to your concerns and wellbeing goals. It also enables me to support you through periods of change, growth and stagnation.

    My approach to therapy is holistic, creative, compassionate and intuative. I like to get to know my clients and any particular areas of discomfort or disatisfaction they may have and work with them to create a shared intention and wellbeing goal.

    I offer in-person sessions in London and absent healing (Reiki only) virtually.

    Education and Training

    Over the past 15 years my personal interest in holistic and esoteric practices has led me to explore alternate ways to support my body, mind and emotions through ancient and contemporary technologies like Kundalini yoga, Human Design, Qi Gong, EFT, IFS, sound and energy therapy.

    Usui Reiki 1 & 2 practitioner
    Sound Healing Practitioner

    My vision is to create a community, lifestyle and resources that nourish, support and guide you on your journey to becoming the most aligned, expansive AND grounded version of yourself.

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    • English