Make changes to your listing

It is often necessary to make changes to your therapist profile to reflect changes to your services.

Step 1: Login to your account

Step 2: Go to your dashboard and click “My Listings”, or alternatively go directly to the My Listings page.

screen shot 1

Step 3: Find the listing you wish to make changes to, and select edit.

screen shot 2

Step 4: Make any necessary changes following the “Creating your therapist listing” guide.

Step 5: Click “Preview” once you are satisfied with your inputs. Don’t worry, you can still make changes to your profile at a later date.

screen shot 3

Step 6: Preview your listing bearing in mind that a preview of your listing that the layout of actual listing may vary slightly. Although availability, booking and coupon information do not appear here, they will show in the actual listing on the right hand side. When you are happy click Submit Listing.

screen shot 4